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How to Choose Quality Furniture

The furniture throughout your home affects the health and comfort of your life. When purchasing home furnishings from Thomasville Furniture you’ll get high-quality pieces that fit your budget and lifestyle. Keep these tips in mind when shopping and you’re sure to bring home décor that enhances your life.

Take a Seat

Go ahead and get comfortable. You’ve got to sit in the couches, chairs and love seats you’re considering for purchase. Sofa springs should be firm and closely spaced. Test them by touching them through the upholstery. A thick couch frame is a sign of quality. It should be at least an inch thick. If the board is thinner the couch will squeak when used.

Check the Cushions

A well-made cushion will feature defined corners, unobtrusive seams and securely attached embellishments. Cushions should be plump. Those that appear squashed have not been filled with enough stuffing. A properly made down cushion will not leak feathers.

Look Underneath

It’s okay to turn the piece over to investigate how it was constructed. Loose screws, poorly sewn padding, weak supports and popping springs are all signs of a poorly made piece. The underside will most likely look rough. Keep in mind you’re not looking for a perfect finish. You’re checking the quality of construction.

Invest in Quality

Some consumers choose price over quality when purchasing furniture. This leads to purchases of poorly made furniture that breaks or falls apart in just a few years. For the price of two or three cheap pieces, the consumer might have made a one-time investment in a top-quality item.

There are guidelines you can use to determine if the furniture you’re considering is of high quality. The best furniture will have:

An excellent warranty. The industry standard is ten years. This means the manufacturer will replace the piece if it breaks under normal wear within ten years of purchase.

Top marks in industry tests. There are several industry certifications that are a mark of superiority. If the furniture you’re interested in has earned several of these certifications, you can feel confident the piece will stand the test of time.

Top quality chairs, sofas and tables are made of numerous pieces of raw material. This assortment of springs, frames and cushions will make the piece heavier than a similar but lower quality piece.

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