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Tips for a Beautiful Bathroom

Does your bathroom look old and tired? Do you find yourself browsing photos of beautiful, luxurious bathrooms and wishing that your own bathroom looked more like them? Here are five helpful tips for a beautiful bathroom:

Get a Freestanding Tub or Sink

Freestanding tubs have long been associated with luxury and elegance. Imagine yourself enjoying a nice, warm bath at the end of a long day. Freestanding tubs are a great place to relax and unwind. They are also visually appealing and eye catching. If you want to make your bathroom more beautiful, consider getting a freestanding tub like the ones from Badeloft.

These tubs are made with high quality stone resin, and offer the look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. One major drawback of freestanding tubs is that they can take up a lot of space. If space is an issue in your bathroom, you can still achieve the look by opting for a freestanding sink instead. You can find a variety of freestanding sinks at badeloftusa.com, all in different shapes and sizes, and with customizable faucets in a range of high quality finishes.

Replace Your Towels

Thin, scratchy towels with unappealing stains have no place in a beautiful bathroom. Get rid of your old, ratty towels and replace them with lovely, soft fluffy ones. This is a simple and cost effective way of updating your bathroom and making it prettier and more appealing. It will also make your shower routine more enjoyable, because after all, who wants to end a nice shower by drying off with an uncomfortable towel?

Update Your Vanity

Update your tired looking vanity by shopping for vintage or antique dressers at a flea market or antique store. Vintage dressers are gorgeous and add character to any room. Once you’ve found a good piece, it won’t be too difficult to cut out a space in the back to hide your plumbing, and you can even set a sink on it. The great thing about buying vintage pieces is that no one else will have an item exactly like yours.

Open Up

Open shelves are a great way to create the illusion of space in a smaller bathroom, and they cost much less than heavy, bulky cabinets. A few woven or fabric baskets on an open shelf will make great storage, and it’s a practical and attractive way to give your bathroom a fresh new look. Open shelves also make it easy for you to display your pretty new towels, as well as colorful bath soaps and personal care products that have well designed packaging.

Let there be Light

Builder grade lighting is often quite boring and plain and rarely holds much aesthetic appeal. Adding plenty of light to your bathroom is one of the most valuable changes you can make to your home, and it is fairly inexpensive to do. Take advantage of sales at lighting and home improvement stores. Look for unique or beautifully designed lighting fixtures to add visual appeal in your bathroom. Your choice of lighting can also dramatically alter the atmosphere there. Use bright lights for your grooming needs, and dimmer warm lights to create a relaxing vibe when you want to have a long bath.

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